Deborah Spector

My continuing journey
Hello World!!

Hello World!!

Last year I had a cough that came and went. I figured I’d developed allergies. After all, I live in Atlanta, and virtually everyone I know is allergic to something.

Well, I didn’t have allergies. The working theory is that significant exposure to toxic black mold ‘woke up’ something called¬†Bronchiectasis that had been dormant since I was a child.

Fast forward to late November when I had surgery for lung cancer. I am fortunate that it was found early.

The Bronchiectasis, however, decided it likes being awake and plans to stay!

Now my life revolves around growth, increased knowledge and a commitment to being healthy.

I have so much to be thankful for, and no complaints. I get up every day committed to feeling good and trying to do good.

Throughout My Continuing Journey, I will focus on what touches me. I will work to share knowledge and when asked do all I can to lead you to resources.

My wishes for a happy and very healthy new year!


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