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It’s Okay not to be okay all the time!

It’s Okay not to be okay all the time!

“We all have our stuff, good days and bad days. It’s okay not to be okay. But, by acknowledging and taking the time to rest, salute, honor and pay attention to our own well being, what we’re talking about is not honoring our weaknesses. It’s honoring our own humanity,” Dr. Noah Greenspan, DPT, CCS,EMT-B

Most days I wake up, stretch, breathe and smile!

I am genuinely committed to being grateful and to pay it forward to make a difference in the world. My desire to do so has grown every day since my lung cancer surgery.

But that doesn’t always happen. To put it bluntly, some days just stink.

I so dislike to admit I’m not okay all the time. It goes against my grain. It forces me to admit that I’m not always strong.

Some days unravel because they started wrong. On others I just don’t feel good. Or I find myself in a rough patch that I can’t get out of and it makes me feel unnerved.

Other days go south because I’m anxious about an upcoming Cat Scan. I tell myself that I don’t care, that everything is going to be fine. The problem is I don’t quite believe it. This leaves me feeling overwhelmed and unsettled.

Sometimes I withdraw and close myself off from others. Or I feel a slight in what someone has said or done.

Just know that it’s okay to fully experience whatever it is you’re feeling.

We need bad days to appreciate the good ones. We need to experience pain to learn how to deal with it.

Days like these create a heightened awareness that everyone has bad days. And this adds to my sensitivity and sense of humanity.

I often come back more focused, stronger and with renewed resolve. I feel ready to face my challenges. I feel ready to allow myself to get back up and move forward.

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay all the time

Smile, breathe and move! Create your positive journey forward!


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